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Story Of My Life

Story Of My Life

Our Story

While sitting with my father at the kitchen table, a neighbor visited us and brought us a bottle of olive oil fresh from the mill. My father had just moved from Germany and for him the ultimate treat – bread and butter. We opened the bottle and poured some oil on a piece of bread. The dense oil with a scent of freshness and green herbs tickled our palate and filled our noses with pleasure. We could not stop eating bread with oil – the best we had ever had. Since that day my father no longer eats butter and I decided to take this delicacy from our new town l’Albi in Catalunya, Spain to the rest of the world.


Oliva Smile is an organic oil obtained from the Arbequina olive variety.

Arbequina is a variety of olive tree native to Palestine. It was introduced by the Duke of Medinaceli in the 17th century. The duke lived in the castle-palace of Arbeca, Catalonia, hence the name that this variety receives in honor of the municipality where he lived.

Olive groves grow in a Mediterranean climate at a height of 526 meters above the sea. The sea breeze, cold winters and hot summers with an average of 25 degrees temperatures give our oil a delicious flavor.

The Moli del Set mill is located in the municipality of l’Albi. L’Albi is a town of 700 inhabitants that lives from the production of olive oil. Our oils are cold pressed and bottled unfiltered.


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